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The Mission of the OADDP is to advance the growth of the education and habilitation of individuals with developmental disabilities and to provide a collective voice for the professional, paraprofessional and support staff working with persons with developmental disabilities.  OADDP Strategic Goals promote high standards for staff, provider organizations, and services provided while assuring the viability of County Boards of DD as a service option.  The OADDP has received an OEA Organizing Grant  that will allow OADDP to reach out to OEA Special Educators in K-12 Locals who serve students with special needs.

As a department of the Ohio Education Association, OADDP provides the following services to members:

  • A quarterly newsletter – The OADDP Newsline.
  • Monitoring of legislation that affects OADDP members.
  • Leadership training at an Annual Conference.
  • A Public Relations Grant program for locals
  • Delegate Luncheon at the OEA Representative Assemblies
  • Executive committee meetings six times per year
  • Facebook group for OADDP members – https://www.facebook.com/groups/OADDP/


2017 OADDP Annual Conference

Future Next Exit

Future Next Exit

OADDP 2017 Annual Conference and General Membership Meeting

Transitioning into the Workplace”  by Amy Szymanski, Ohio Dept. of Education

Friday – Saturday, March 3-4, 2017

Mohican State Park Resort and Conference Center
4700 Goon Road, Perrysville, OH 44864.

For more information visit our OADDP 2017 Annual Conference page (NEW AGENDA).

Online Registration with PayPal is now available.

All OADDP members and potential members are invited.

For complete 2016-2017 meeting schedule see our Meeting Schedule page.

Special Education and DD Services Survey

OADDP is beginning an outreach to OEA members working in Special Education.

To begin this outreach, OADDP has developed a Special Education and DD Services Survey. (Click to fill out the survey online or download a copy for distribution in your local.)  Copies will be available at the OADDP table at the OEA Spring 2016 RA. The survey is for both Special Education Staff at Local School Districts and County Board of DD staff.

OADDP has traditionally focused on the needs of staff members working at the County Boards of DD. However, approximately one-fifth of our OADDP membership works at Local School Districts and in some way are involved in Special Education. Meanwhile, a vast majority of OEA members working in Special Education are unaware of OADDP or the opportunity to be involved in an organization focused on Special Education.

Several factors have lead OADDP to recognize that our organization must reach out to these members. First, there is no other OEA Associated Organization focused on Special Education. Second, students with developmental disabilities that were previously served by County Boards of DD are now at their local school. Third, OEA members working in Special Education have unique contract and professional issues distinct from those of many K-12 staff.

OADDP Leadership is available to meet with OEA members to explain our mission. We would appreciate any help you can provide to help local leaders and members become aware of our organization and our Survey.

Good Samaritan Education Association

OADDP welcomes our newest Board of DD local, the Good Samaritan Education Association at the Defiance Board of DD. On March 22, votes were tallied in a SERB representation election for an unrepresented wall-to-wall unit of teachers and staff at Good Samaritan School, in Defiance. Despite a contentious anti-union campaign conducted by management, the OEA’s new bargaining unit members remained united and voted by a combined 26-3 margin for OEA representation. Work now begins on a new contract for the 35 members of the bargaining unit.

OADDP 2016-18 Officers Elected at Annual Conference

The election of officers for OADDP was held at the Annual Meeting during the Annual Conference on March 5rd at Mohican State Park Lodge.

Congratulations to Chairperson, Christina West; Vice-Chair, Nikki Nadasky; Treasurer, Sandy Smith Fischer; and Secretary, Kathy Abrahamson who were elected by acclimation.  Sincere thanks were given to past Vice Chair, Amanda Shaheen; and past Treasurer, Steve Spall.

The OADDP members also amended the OADDP C&B to include a provision for At-Large Representative from the Local Public Schools to sit on the OADDP Executive Committee.  The duties of each office are detailed in the new OADDP Constitution & Bylaws.

OEA President, Becky Higgins was endorsed for re-election too her second term.

Retiring NEOEA Executive Director, Bill Lavezzi was endorsed in his run for the District #11 seat on the Ohio State Board of Education.  SBE-11 covers Ohio Senate Districts 21, 23, and 25 in much of Cuyahoga and Lake Counties.

OADDP Winter Meeting

Out next meeting will at 10:30 AM on January 9, 2016 at

Hudson OEA UniServ Office
591 E Boston Mills Rd, Suite 100
Hudson, Summit Co, Ohio 44236-1195
800-221-7427 or 330-492-1648 x2701
Click here for Google Map and directions.

Open to any OADDP member. This is an opportunity to meet other DD professionals, share experiences, and learn from other’s situations.

For other meeting dates and locations go to our Meeting Schedule page.

OADDP at OEA Representative Assembly

Join us at the OEA Representative Assembly!

OADDP Membership Meeting

Saturday, December 5, 2015, during the lunch break at the:

OEA Representative Assembly
Ohio Expo, Voinovich Center
717 East 17th Avenue
Columbus, OH

Lunch is included for members so please make plans to join us!  Please vote before going to lunch.  Then enjoy lunch and network with other DD Professionals.  We look forward to seeing you!

Ohio Submits Transition Plan to CMS

The Ohio DoDD has posted the newly revised CMS Transition Plan documents on the Ohio DoDD Futures page along with a Presentation & Summary of Public Comments.

Visit the link below to download the documents or follow links in the article below.

Reprint of: March 16, 2015, ODoDD Pipeline Extra

“Ohio Submits Transition Plan to CMS

In January 2014, the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released new requirements for Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) waivers administered by states. Essentially, the rule says that federal Medicaid funds no longer can be used to pay for waiver services that are offered in an institutional setting, or settings adjacent to public institutions or other settings that have the effect of isolating people who are receiving HCBS.

The rule became effective March 17, 2014. Each state was required to examine its waiver system, determine if any settings existed which did not meet the new HCB settings characteristics outlined in the rule, and develop a statewide plan to ensure compliance within five years of the rule’s effective date. DODD convened a CMS Transition Plan Committee comprised of stakeholders from across the DD system to review our current waiver services/rules, to identify settings that may not fully comply with the regulation, and to develop recommendations for how to bring them into compliance. DODD used the recommendations from the Transition Plan Committee when working with the Ohio Departments of Aging and Medicaid, and the Governor’s Office of Health Transformation to draft Ohio’s Transition Plan.

The next step in the process was to seek feedback from the public, including individuals and families, providers, and County Boards. Ohio accepted public comment via email, voice mail, video, U.S. Mail, and two public hearings. This feedback was summarized and used to make changes to Ohio’s plan. A complete summary of the feedback and resulting changes, as well as a copy of the plan that was submitted to CMS, is available online. Documents include:

• The transition plan submitted to CMS with changes marked
• A presentation explaining what changes were made based on public comment, and what changes submitted by the public were not made and why
• A one-page summary of the public comment

 The items outlined in the state’s transition plan and the timing of their implementation will be based on CMS’ approval. CMS has not shared information about when they will respond to states’ transition plans.

We will keep you informed as we learn more about the status of Ohio’s CMS Transition Plan, including approval of the plan and/or any clarifications and changes requested by CMS.

Pipeline Extra is a publication of the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) and is distributed as needed to highlight breaking news in the state’s developmental disabilities community. The regular Pipeline publication publishes twice monthly to inform readership of relevant information affecting stakeholders.

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