Ohio Association of Developmental Disabilities Professionals


The Mission of the OADDP is to advance the growth of the education and habilitation of individuals with developmental disabilities and to provide a collective voice for the professional, paraprofessional and support staff working with persons with developmental disabilities.  OADDP Strategic Goals promote high standards for staff, provider organizations, and services provided while assuring the viability of County Boards of DD as a service option.

As a department of the Ohio Education Association, OADDP provides the following services to members:

  • A quarterly newsletter – The OADDP Newsline.
  • Monitoring of legislation that affects OADDP members.
  • Leadership training at an Annual Conference.
  • A Public Relations Grant program
  • Delegate Luncheon at the OEA Representative Assemblies
  • Executive committee meetings six times per year
  • Facebook group for OADDP members – https://www.facebook.com/groups/OADDP/

Download an OADDP Brochure.

Ohio DoDD “Our Future” Website

On November 7, 2014 Ohio DoDD announced the launch of their new “Our Future” website to provide new tools to keep the public informed about upcoming changes to Ohio’s DD system and to receive feed back on proposed changes.

  • The Our Future website: This new website will collect information about all of the changes in one place, and offer tools and resources to make it easy for you to keep up to date. Check back regularly for new information.
  • Pipeline: DODD’s newsletter delivers news and information to your email inbox, and includes regular updates about changes. Subscribe online. You also can read Pipeline online.


Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Federal CMS Rule Change

Background Information

Earlier this year, the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released new rules regarding federal funding for Home and Community Based Services.  OEA members working in Ohio County Boards of Developmental Disabilities and the individuals to whom they provide services will be directly affected by these changes.

OEA is particularly concerned with the provision that would restrict the ability of a County Board of Developmental Disabilities to provide direct services to individuals.

Our specific request to Governor Kasich, Director Martin and other individuals working on developing Ohio’s compliance plan, is to focus on “building a better firewall” to address the conflict of interest concerns of CMS.  Specifically, the rule appears to prohibit the same individual from assessing eligibility for services and also providing those services. Additionally, OEA is requesting that the plan preserve individuals’ access to a broad choice of providers, including those quality services provided by County Boards.

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and other state agencies are in the process of drafting a plan to comply with the new rules.  While the federal agency is giving states until March 2015 to become compliant, we anticipate drafts of Ohio’s transition plan to be released for public comment in late fall of this year.

Talking Points

  • County Boards of Developmental Disabilities choosing to remain direct service providers must be permitted to do so in order to preserve a full range of service options.
  • Ohio’s plan must protect the ability of individuals to choose their provider by ensuring that the quality of the programs directly offered by County Boards of Developmental Disabilities remains viable.
  • CMS concerns about the potential conflicts of interest with County Boards of Developmental Disabilities must be addressed through a review and revision of the Firewall Document. 

Take Action on the OEA website at http://www.ohea.org/get-involved.  

  • Scroll to the Current Actions item: “Stop Medicaid Rule Change From Harming Individuals With Developmental Disabilities”,
  • Click on the link: “Ask Governor Kasich and others working on the plan to continue allowing County Boards of Developmental Disabilities to provide high quality, direct services”,
  • Feel free to add your own thoughts or edit the letter,
  • Enter your email address and click “Submit”.

For more Information, Talking Points, Sample Letterers and Links go to our Medicaid Rule Change page.


12th Annual Milestones Autism Spectrum Disorder Conference

The 12th Annual Milestones Autism Spectrum Disorder Conference will be held on June 18-19 at the Cleveland I-X Center.

Keynote speakers include: Dr. Peter Gerhardt, EdD, National Autism Consultant and Brittany Lauber & Justin Rooney, Self Advocates, OSU.


  • Earn Continuing Education Credits
  • Attend evidence-based workshops
  • Learn how to be a better practitioner
  • Network with leaders and colleagues in the field


  • Discover strategies to make life easier
  • Find new tools and resources
  • Meet local autism experts and therapists
  • Connect with other families like yours


OADDP Conference and Election of Officers

The OADDP 2014 Annual Conference and General Membership Meeting was held Friday – Saturday, March 7-8, 2014 at the Mohican State Park Resort and Conference Centerhttp://www.mohicanstateparklodge.com/.  All OADDP members and potential members were invited.

Attendees received important updates on: OEA Campaign 2014, the “So Called ‘Right to Work’ is Wrong” Campaign ,and current Ohio Legislative and Legal  Issues affecting DD and public education.  Sue Nelson, Autism Specialist, from the Lake Employees Association for the Developmentally Disabled (LEADD) gave an enlightening presentation on autism from the perspective of both a parent and a professional.  OEA Past President, Patricia Frost-Brooks, was presented the OADDP Friend of DD Award.  For complete agenda visit our OADDP 2014 Annual Conference page.

OADDP Officers for 2012-2014 were elected during the Annual Meeting.  With all four of the OADDP officers either retired or very close to retirement, it was important that a new generation of officers step forward to lead the organization into the future.  Congratulations to new OADDP officers: Chairperson, Christina West, from PCEMR (Portage CBDD); Vice-Chair, Amanda Shaheen, from SCEPTA (Stark CBDD); and Secretary, Tami Garner, from SCEPTA (Stark CBDD).  Thanks go to Treasurer, Steve Spall, from LEADD (PATMR) (Lake CBDD) who agreed to stay on until his retirement.    The election of a new generation of officers signals a dramatic turn into the future for the organization.

Outgoing officers Jené Wilson, past Chair; Donna Palazzo, past Vice-Chair; and Sue Boar, past Secretary, pledged to stay involved and assist the new offices and urged OADDP members to support the new officers and help the organization move forward by becoming involved on OADDP committees.  The members approved a Bylaws amendment to update the OADDP Committees and add needed new committees.  OADDP Members may download the updated C&B on the Member-Only-Area page.  The OEA-FCPE Fundraising drive broke all records with over 90% of the attendees contributing a total of $1,340.00.

2014 OADDP Annual Conference

Register now!

OADDP 2014 Annual Conference and General Membership Meeting

Friday – Saturday, March 7-8, 2014

Mohican State Park Resort and Conference Center
4700 Goon Road, Perrysville, OH 44864.

OADDP 2014 Annual Conference page.

Online Registration with PayPal is now available.

All OADDP members and potential members are invited.

For complete 2013-2014 meeting schedule see our Meeting Schedule page.

OADDP Luncheon at OEA Representative Assembly


Saturday, December 7, 2013, during the lunch break of the OEA-RA at:

Claddagh Irish Pub
585 South Front Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
(OADDP will cover the cost of lunch)

Turn left from Vets Memorial onto W Broad St, right onto S Civic Center Dr, left onto W Rich St, right onto S High St, right onto W Beck St, left onto S Front St, Claddagh Pub on the right.

Please vote before going to lunch.  Then enjoy lunch and network with other DD Professionals.  We look forward to seeing you!

OADDP Friend of DD Award

The Ohio Association of Developmental Disabilities Professionals seeks nominees for the OADDP Friend of DD Award

The OADDP is seeking to recognize its second Friend of DD.  OADDP’s members are encouraged to nominate individuals and/or organizations who would be worthy recipients of this honor.  If a Friend of DD is selected, the nominee will be honored at the 2014 OADDP Annual Membership Conference in March.

The OADDP Friend of DD Award recognizes a person and/or organization whose leadership, actions, and support have contributed to the improvement of public education and habilitation of people with developmental disabilities; and/or have helped to provide a collective voice for the staff who work with them.

OADDP’s Friend of DD Award may be bestowed upon any person or organization whose leadership, actions, and support are consistent with the stated purpose.

Any member of OADDP may nominate an individual or organization for the Friend of DD Award.

The deadline for submitting nominations is Wednesday, January 8, 2014.  Nominations must be signed by an OADDP active member in good standing.

For a Word-fillable form, go to our Members Only Page.


Trends in Special Educator Teacher Evaluation


Teacher evaluation and how it effects your job has been a hot topic among those in regular ed for quite a while.  It is now part of the special ed world, as well.  Here is a webinar workshop that might help explain what you need to know and do to be successful with the new system.

Tuesday, Sept. 17, 4-5 p.m. ET

Council for Exceptional Children: Trends in Teacher Evaluation: What Every Special Educator Should Know

Members Only Area Updates

Newly posted:  Revised Draft of ODoDD Administrative Rule 5123:2-1-11 Service and Support Administration.

In the Members Only Area you will find OEA CBDD Reports, OEA Legislative Updates, Minutes of the OADDP Executive Committee, Minutes of OADDP General Membership Meetings, and more.

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